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As World War II raged around the globe, Joanna Baker was finally able to break free of the confines of the kitchen… but when the fighting in Europe comes to a close, this war-widowed crop duster pilot feels her newfound freedom slipping away. Enter a planeload of escaping Nazis! When Jo brings their bomber down over her sleepy West Texas town of Morton, she must fight to protect her neighbors, her family, and her way of life—in an action-packed story about the forging of the post-war American Woman![spacer height=”20px”]

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Joanna Baker
When her husband enlisted, Jo was forced to take over his crop dusting business. Finally liberated from the confines of the kitchen, Jo had her eyes opened to the freedom of choice that men enjoy, but as the fighting in Europe comes to a close, she can feel it slipping away… and she’ll do anything to keep it.
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Cathy Baker
Being a teenager is tough enough without having a crop-dusting pariah for a mom.  Every bit as headstrong as Jo, Cathy has the difficult job of out-antagonizing the contrarian… and she can do it.
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Sam BakerWebsite-Grandpa
When Jo’s took to the skies to run her family business, her father picked up the slack at home. He wants Jo to be all she can, but he knows that bucking the trend in a small town comes with a price for his daughter and his granddaughter.
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Gideon Stamp

After a heroic turn in the Pacific Theater, the crippled, shell-shocked sheriff returned to Morton to sit out the rest of the war.  But the ghosts of the past have followed him home, and fighting them alongside this new threat may be more than he can handle.

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Ken Wilson
When the men were called up to war, one-armed Ken wasn’t eligible to fight overseas—but the shortage of men in town earned him a job not typically open to African Americans: Sheriff’s Deputy. He’s a black man with a badge… in a white town.  And that’s only one of the taboos Ken finds himself breaking.
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Inez Santoro

Jo’s friend runs the General Store. Even under normal circumstances she’s a little too hot for the small town of Morton, but carrying on with Ken while her husband is off at war is more than some people in town can stand.

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Dwight Goodrich
Egotistical, smug and childish, Morton’s favorite son is young and able-bodied enough to go to war… but rich and cowardly enough to stay out of harm’s way… until now.
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As a Nazi scientist Kammler was in charge of special weapons projects for the failed Nazi Empire.  Now, on the run, he carries with him the seed of a Fourth Reich… as well as his only heir.  It will take all his cool, smooth-talking charm to keep them both alive.

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Raised in Switzerland by his mother, the orphaned teen Gerhard now finds himself trapped in a hostile land, guided by a grandfather he barely knows, in the company of men he cannot trust… and heir to a legacy of death that he could not imagine.
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Cruel. Scarred. Monstrous. He learned his awful trade murdering scientists, dissidents, and undesirables as a member of the Einsatzkommando Five mobile killing squad. But more dangerous than his enormous strength and desire to kill are his politics.  Horst is a true believer in the Nazi cause.
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OSS ManOSSMan-Website
Even in the good war, someone has to do the things no one else will do.  The OSS Man’s most admirable quality is also his most dangerous one: a willingness to do anything to protect American lives.