Lucky Jumps

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This project has been a long time in the making–too long, honestly.  It began life as a film script in 2002, but a period action piece with a female lead is a tough sell in Hollywood, doubly so when it’s coming from two cartoon writers.  But we still wanted to tell this story–so in order to bring Duster to life we turned to comics, and the fantastically talented guys at Estudio Haus.

It took nearly 9 years to bring Duster to completion. Along the way there were many trials, tribulations, disappointments and joys; marriages, divorces, births, deaths, new day jobs, and even the writing and directing of our first live-action feature film (“They’re Watching”, which hit theaters in February of 2016 and is now avilable on DVD, and at Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix).

You can (and should!) purchase a hardcover copy of the finished book using the link below each page.  As a bonus, the hardcover features development drawings, two prequel comics, pinups by the likes of Charlie Adlard and Carla Speed McNeil, and an introduction by New York Times Bestselling Author Martin Olson–all tucked behind a cover by comics legend Howard Chaykin. But even if you pony up the dough for a hardcover, you may still want to check back here.  We’ll be featuring notes, script pages and other development materials below each comic page, and there are sure to be some interesting comments as our readers catch on to some of the themes of the book, and as characters make their entrances and exits.

Get ready for a great ride.

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