We end the book with Jo where she loves to be most… in the skies… free… always moving forward.  In our imagination she will continue to crusade for women’s rights–not necessarily through protest, but by dint of her competence as a worker, mother and citizen.

We will leave Jo’s future to your imagination.



So what was it all about?  On the surface, Duster is a simple action story, like Raiders of the Lost Ark, or Die Hard… but the subtext deals with the thorny issue of Women’s Rights.  More importantly, Duster deals with the way women are perceived and treated–the roles we assign to them because of what people (particularly men) think they should be.

In the USA we like to think of ourselves as the home of freedom, but consider this;  it took 144 years for women–half the population–to get the right to vote.  To put that in perspective–awful perspective–that was 50 years after African American men (who had formerly been honest-to-god slaves) received their voting rights… at least by the letter of the law.  This is not, of course, to say that one group deserved the vote more than another, but in a country with a history of violent racism like ours, it certainly is telling…

Though dire need during World War II broke down some barriers for women, there is still a long way to go.  The fight for true equality–in opportunity, in pay, in political power, in their right to choose how their bodies are treated, and in simple respect–is ongoing.  Because Duster is historical fiction, it (like science fiction) removes the issue from the current political environment and frees us up to take a fresh look at what makes us tick.  We hope Duster has done that for you.

A final note: we know you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t like what you see.  Duster took many years to complete, and we have plenty of gorgeous hardcover copies available at Amazon, and at  In the hardcover, you will not only get the 215 page main story in glorious book resolution, but also backup prequel tales by Jok and comics legend Gérald Fortón, lots of development art by our main artist, Cristian Mallea, an introduction by “Encyclopaedia of Hell” author Martin Olson, and pinups by the likes of CP Smith, Donna Barr, Carla Speed McNeil and “The Walking Dead” artist Charlie Adlard, under a cover by comics legend Howard Chaykin!  It’s really a spectacular production, and we hope you will choose to get a copy (or twenty) to share with your friends and family.  We have other stories we’d like to tell, and your Duster purchase will help us pay for their development.

It’s been a pleasure.

–Jay & Micah